Here are a few recent testimonials for Eric and other team members at Editing for ESL:

“I came to the States in 2010 for my graduate studies at University of Maryland. I was working on my writing skills for almost a year before I get help from Eric. In our sessions I learned how to criticize my writing in most important aspects. He professionally helped me to understand flow in scientific material and showed me the means to make my engineering papers enjoyable to read.”


Dissertation in Engineering

“Eric is a professional writing consultant. He helps me a lot in my writing, such as pointing out some delicate differences of some phrases, strengthening the logic flow, and improving my writing skills.”


Graduate Paper in Physics

“Eric took the time to understand my topic in detail and used that understanding to tailor his feedback and improve my paper. Eric’s suggestions helped me move the piece from a draft to publishable quality work. In addition to specific improvements he suggested, he also provided strategies to help avoid some of my most common writing problems.”


Article in Teaching, Learning, and Policy

“As a writing consultant and editor, Eric is very professional and resourceful, He provides editing in timely manner. He is detail-oriented, working on every sentence to make better structure and flow. Upon his editing, my writing looks so much better.”


Dissertation in Student Affairs

“Eric helped me with the edition of my dissertation as one of the writing consultants at UMD graduate writing center. He is an outstanding editor with patient attention to detail. The manuscript edited by him was accepted to be published without any major comments. Thank you Eric for the great help.”


Dissertation in Department of Nutrition & Food Science

“During the meeting with you, I found myself repeating some mistakes such as using articles incorrectly and being unable to differentiate singular and plural. And due to the language habits of Chinese, I used to convey what I mean in an implicit way. I noticed that you kept asking me what exactly I wanted to express. Thank you for putting those bad habits to my attention.”


Journal article in Economics

“I remember that it was indeed very helpful. It not only had an immediate effect, but also taught me a lot. You explained everything properly, rather than just correcting my mistakes. Thus, I use what I learned every time when I need to write anything.”


Dissertation in Chemistry

“Writing and editing a scientific paper involves many techniques, and Eric helped me with the writing one. But helping an author to understand the origins of these techniques so that he/she can incorporate them into different places is certainly an art, in which Eric has a lot to offer.”


Conference paper in Engineering

“Eric helped me in the edition of my doctoral research dissertation. He was a kind and responsible consultant, who showed dedication for his work.”


Dissertation in Environmental Science

“I asked Eric to help me with my dental school personal statement through graduate school writing center. He gave me excellent feedback and grammar/ syntax suggestions that definitely made my personal statement stronger. I was very much satisfied with Eric’s service and support him enthusiastically.”


Application for Dental School

“I found Eric’s writing consultation very useful. With his guidance, I learned to identify repeated mistakes in my sentence structure, which had negatively affected my writing. After identifying my mistakes, I have been more aware of my writing, and now my writing is more clear and cohesive.”


Dissertation in Chemistry

“Eric is an excellent writing consultant. I went to him with a research proposal. When he returned the proposal to me, it was greatly improved: much more clear, concise and coherent. My adviser was very happy about my proposal and I have Eric to thank.”


Proposal for Urban and Regional Planing and Design

“Eric provided a critical review and perspective that helped me to more clearly articulate my argument. I strongly recommend his services!”


Dissertation in Organizational Leadership

“Thanks for your generous sessions!”


Academic Poster in Mechanical Engineering